Sunday, April 25, 2010

One month gone and getting loud...

This blog has now been up for just over a month. It’s been great fun and thanks to those of you who pop in for a read and to those who take the time to post. I have had just fewer than 350 unique visitors (meaning individual) and that to me has been a real thrill.

And it so exciting to see people blog in from all over the globe, from Christchurch to Rio de Janeiro, from Limerick to New York and from London to Hobart Of course in terms of blogs I have no idea what that means in terms of popularity? Nevertheless I thank colleagues and friends for spreading the word on this blog.

Because my main aim is to get people into a dialogue on volunteerism and volunteer management in particular. I am a huge fan of Susan J Ellis and I am sure those of you who visit this site know who Susan is (if not - Google!) Susan has said that Dialogue moves our sector forward and she has nailed my viewpoint with that statement!

I hope to make this blog more popular and I think the key to its success will be constant updates and blogging. By that I mean fresh stories or opinions throughout the week. I think I am doing ok there so far…in just over a month I have posted 28 pieces! The real test now is to keep that momentum going. How much can one blog about volunteerism?

Plenty! Keep reading. Let your friends and colleagues know. And if you want to post yourself email me at

Let’s get loud!

DJ Cronin

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  1. Stumbled across this entry tonight while reviewing some stats on my blog – because someone had read this page today. 8 months later and this site has had 3,512 unique visitors! Thank you for your interest!


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