Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ok.... Maybe I am getting a bit picky and precious here but…. I just checked out the registration form for the NATIONAL conference on volunteering in Australia (online) When you come to the “Position” field it gives you these choices
Senior manager
Coordinator/Project officer
NFP Board member
Research Student

Ok – so if I was going I guess I enter “Senior Manager”? What’s the hang-up about having “Volunteer Manager” listed here I ask you? Or “Manager of Volunteer Service”?”

I did share these thoughts with some colleagues and one of them informed me that they contacted Volunteering Australia about this and they in turn were informed that another company were responsible for this i.e a company they had engaged to manage the registrations.

But still

ya would think they might check these details????

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  1. This is absolutely Not OK, DJ.

    I have uncovered a similar ignorance in a call for abstracts for a national conference (NZ), in an international sector which relies on volunteer contributions alongside its professional clinicians. Nowhere in the programme outline is there a tiny cleft to insert something relating to volunteerism, let alone volunteer management. Again, I find there is an external 'conference organiser' doing all the detail.

    Ya'd think they might have been better instructed by the host organisation eh?

    "This is Not OK, Ever", as TV advts have been telling us for a long time about domestic violence. Are there some institutional violations going on here?


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