Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There is a fascinating debate going on at the moment on the OZVPM listserv community. Passions have been stoked and the way different people communicate has intrigued me. I have of course participated in the debate which centre’s around volunteering in a private setting. I strongly recommend that you have a look at the debate to date. As Dave from the UK posted “I believe that it could well be the most active debate within volunteering that I have seen in a long time”

The OzVPM newsgroup was founded in June 2002 by Andy Fryar, and is today the largest internet based newsgroup dedicated solely to volunteer program management in the Australasian region.

The newsgroup provides visitors with a forum for discussing all aspects of volunteer program management. Ranging from debating the most current and topical issues in volunteerism through to seeking solutions and sharing ideas about the most basic questions regarding our profession, the OzVPM newsgroup offers a mechanism for all sorts of relevant information exchange.

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  1. Yeh this is something I'm really interested in DJ. I've been doing some thinking recently about how much of volunteering fits the idea of the gift economy, but how increasingly volunteering is merging as market values grow and become the norm in areas that were previously kept out of the free market, such as education, health, the environment, etc. Fascinating to see how volunteering develops in this context.


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