Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reluctance to talk

I would love to explore where our reluctance to talk comes from. Stats so far from this blog indicate 40 vistors a day. Still very small I know but it would be wonderful if even 25% made a comment! Yea.. I am being optimistic. Ive seen the stats on who engages, who post occasionally and who lurk. The lurkers being the majority at close to 90% if memory serves me right.

Nevertheless, I say, as a new blogger, 40 a day!!!!! Wow!

Just need more people commenting! Why? so we are not seen as the same old voices!!!! Thats why!

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  1. The traditional volunteer manager doesn't comment on blogs -- and doesn't blog him and herself. When I ask them why, face-to-face, they say:
    -- our organization has a written policy that prevents me from writing anything online as a representative of this organization
    -- I'm too nervous of putting myself "out there"
    -- I don't have anything to say

    Ofcourse, there are a myriad of ways around the written policy issue. But the last two -- I don't know. I've begged, I've pleaded, I've posted incredibly provocative topics just to get a rise out of people... but most traditional volunteer managers suffer from an insecurity complex that I'm not sure how to help them overcome!


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